coo, working smart


Wellbeing is nowadays an important and effective gold for companies, creating different solutions for employee’s comfort by providing them relaxing areas in the office space, but there is a gap in the individual routine and habits of the workers that also generates a several healthy issues. Based on the sedentary issue that consumes the employees while they are working, we present a tangible interface that provides a realistic solution to this bad habit.

COO - working smart, is a device that is trained by machine learning to communicate with individual stamina levels and the amount of break time earned during work.

It tracks the eye movement, facial expressions, Mouse clicks, Keyboard performance and posture of the employees nudging them to stand up when it is necessary.

It Integrates the Concept of gamification to create engagement in the user during the control of his stamina level and works with a Digital and Physical Interface that reacts depending on the calculated values.

-Project team: Alejandra Segura, Konstantinos Gkikas, Di Dong. In partnership with Opendot-